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Our Commercial & Residential Roofing Contractors in Houston has over 30 years’ experience in Roof repair in Houston and is often called in to fix what others cannot.

At Gerandc, we provide a wide range of roofing services like roof analysis, roofing inspection, roofing installation, roof replacement, weatherproofing, and waterproofing.

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Here are a few examples of everyday residential repairs we offer:

Valley Repair

Water runs down the middle areas where 2 separate roof surfaces meet, which causes leaking after years of harsh weather. Today when we repair the valley we use a layer of Ice and Water Shield and/or Galvanized Tin under the shingles to make a watertight, strong surface.


Water gets underneath the shingles and soaks the sheathing until it begins to rot.  We take out all the rotten boards, redo the framing and install new OSB plywood deck boards, Rhino Synthetic Underlay and re shingle.

Flashing Repair

We replace all flashing on the roof and chimneys.  On brick chimneys and walls step flashing is installed first, and then counter flashing over the step flashing.  This has to be done correctly and the counter flashing must go into the brick.  This is the # 1 problem area in leaking on a home.

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Dormer Repair

Almost all old dormers have aged and in need of some repair. Dormers on shingle roofs have a lifespan shorter than that the roof itself. To fix a dormer on asphalt roofs, we install a tar like substance to stop the leaks and seal everything over the top of the dormer. Then we put in a wide roll of base coat, and a top matching shingle coat on the dormer and up on to the roof itself to cover the surfaces. This is far less than the cost of having dormers fabricated at a metal shop.