Rebuilding Flooded Walls & Insulation

Rebuilding Flooded Walls & Insulation

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We are beginning to rebuild back the back side of the interior walls to insulate them after flood damage. This method involves closed cell foam which creates a waterproof, airtight seal.

This is a sample of the foam on the wall after installation.

If your home had most of the gypsum board removed after the flood, this is most likely due to moisture being trapped in your walls because the weep holes were blocked. Brick is a porous material that is made to pass water and moisture through the brick that makes it way down the gypsum board to be passed out of the weep holes at the bottom of the wall.

Before we spray foam insulation in the wall cavity we must create a healthy wall space by unblocking the weep holes with a large hammer drill from the bottom of the walls to keep the water and moisture moving out of the wall.

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Then we come inside the walls and clear out all of the old rotten debris, dirt and mortar that have blocked the weep holes for years. This process is very labor intensive.

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After the weep holes have been cleared and the debris has been removed, we attach the brick to the studs using Tapcon Brick and Concrete screws using 28 Gauge Galvanized Steel Ties.

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By doing these things we have created a healthy wall space that can pass moisture through the brick and out the weep holes.

Rebuilding Flooded Walls


Upon securing the air flow in the walls we will then begin the process to build out a 2 to 3 inch air barrier between the walls and the brick.

We are using a Wall Backer designed to go into wall cavities that holds insulation. We spray the foam right on top of that creating a hard foamed surface that will not move. The wall backer is designed go inside the walls and hold insulation. We are the making a new complete water and airtight seal from top to bottom creating a fully foam cavity wall, while still leaving the 2 to 3 inch air gap behind to the brick wall.

This is a video of a house that has already been properly sealed


Wall Backer in Place

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1.5 to 2 Inches Spray Foam

This makes for a complete air and water tight wall allowing moisture to correctly pass through the brick and out of the weep holes at the bottom of the wall. We are creating a healthy wall as it was in its original state.