James Hardie Siding

GERANDC ‘s Siding Contractors in Houston has extensive experience installing Hardie Siding. Using a team of experienced installers and painters we do the job as required by James Hardie to meet and exceed all warranty terms and conditions.


The pricing contractors use for Hardie estimates are based upon 3 items. The Hardie Planks, Hardie Trim and the Hardie Soffits. This is the time in your project to consider new gutters or installing windows. If there is no sheathing under your current siding, or the sheathing needs to be replaced, we use the OSB Plywood Sheets covered in Techshield that give added radiant barrier protection.


In order for a warranty to be valid, you must adhere to Hardie installation requirements. The nails must be installed perfectly level and all the joints must be installed properly. Very good experienced contractors fail every day on this area because they do not have Hardie experience.


A healthy home needs a good sheathing underneath, and a moisture barrier under them Hardie Planks. Painting correctly and caulking the joints is a critical part of this install. Normally the customer will choose white trim and one color on the walls of their home. A more expensive way to go is to choose a 3 color paint job with white trim and 2 contrasting colors. This is more expensive than a 2 color paint job but looks much better.


We highly recommend the Rustic Cedar Mill Plank over the smooth finish planks. On some/most older houses the walls have shifted a little and the frames are not perfectly straight, and the smooth makes the imperfections stand out more.


When the siding install is complete, the painter will move in to prepare all the surfaces for caulk and painting. We use a team of installer and a team of painters. The team of painters with 3 guys can usually do all the prep in one day. They will first cover all the windows and begin caulking. The caulk used must be PAINTABLE. The caulk we use has a 60 year life product which will eliminate future maintenance. The painters will take a few days. They usually spray the main color, and then hand paint the other color, trim, fascia and soffit. We highly recommend a bright white for your trim and fascia and any under hangs.


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Half Rounds



Straight Edge

Straight Edge

There are many different types of pattern of Hardie on the market now besides just straight planks. The price is higher for HALF ROUNDS or STRAIGHT EDGE Panels, but they are great ways to accent windows for minimal costs.