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Green Energy Roofing and Construction Company’s Commercial General Contractor in Houston offers a wide range of Commercial Roofing in Houstan like rooofing construction and repair.

Commercial Roofing Contractors Houston: Gerandc is a Commercial Roofing Company in Houston-area, offering all kinds of roof Installation, Replacement, and Repair for all your commercial roofing needs. At Gerandc, we know that the roof of your commercial building is an imperative piece of your business. So, whatever you need Installation, Replacement and Repair, contact our highly experienced Commercial General Roofing Contractors that can handles installation, maintenance, Replacement and repair of your Commercial and Residential roofing systems.  Our main objective is to assist our clients to make a good asset by offering the best resources and proficient expertise.

If you’re looking for a commercial construction contractor in Houston, call Gerandc today or contact us online to know how we can help you to put our expertise and solutions to work for your new or growing business.

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Commercial Roofing Installation, Replacement and Repair Houston

  • Shingle Roofs
  • Metal Roofs
  • Low Slope Roofs
  • Flat Roofs
  • Steep Slope Roofs
  • Slate Roof
  • Torchdowns

GERANDC provides all type of gutter repair and installation. For most areas on the Texas Gulf Coast Region, we recommend 5 inch aluminum gutters. We provide woodwork, carpentry services and painting for our customers.